Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Posh Kittens Wardrobe Party B.Y.O.Bag Policy on 6 February 2010

We're so excited about hosting our inaugural The Posh Kittens Wardrobe Party! Event managent is not really our forte, but we believe with enough planning, it could be really awesome!

Today, all of us (sans Julia) were at TGIF to talk about each kitten's roles/responsibilites and also about the party. A lot of thing were put on our plates (not just macaroni and cheese). Seems like we have to get a few clothes racks (hopefully those with wheels), full lenght mirrors, a price tag system, and wrapping services!

You see, we are all very 'green' people. No, we're not E.Ts! We recycle whenever we can in our bid to save the Earth. I, for one, have a box of recycleable trash in my work cubicle. So we will not be preparing any plastic bags for customers. It's a B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Bag) policy for the customers!

For those who are not armed with bags, we'll provide wrapping service at RM 1.00. That money will be channeled to the Unicef Malaysia 2010 Haiti Earthquake Children’s Appeal Fund (read the article from The Star newspaper here).

See? You'll help in some ways! *smiles*

You do not have to be a vegetarian or drive a Toyota Prius, but you can recycle your plastic bags! So help The Posh Kittens to help our Green Project by bringing your own plastic bags and help us to help the Haiti earthquake child victims by not bringing your own bags! =)
Mills @ The Posh Kittens


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